Organized Events

– Co-organization of Alanis O’Bomsawin’s lecture, « Pathway of Resistance », Institute of Feminist and Gender Studies, University of Ottawa, March 15, 2018.

– Organization and moderation of the roundtable titled « Dialogues croisés with Alexa Conradi » organized as part of the release of the book, Les angles morts. Perspectives sur le Québec actuel, Editions du Remue-Ménage, 2017, Guest speaker: Alexa Conradi (author) and Dominique Masson (University of Ottawa), November 1, 2017.

– Co-organization (with D. Abadie) of the symposium: « Epistemic justice in philosophy: inclusion, decolonization, what tools for emancipation? »Annual Conference of the Société de philosophie du Québec (Guest Speaker: Soumaya Mestiri (University of Tunis), Ernest-Marie M’Bonda (Catholic University of Central Africa & University of Moncton), Leila Benhadjouja  (University of Ottawa), Ryoa Chung (University of Montreal), May 11, 2017.

-Organization of the Roundtable on Black Feminist Thought by Patricia Hill Collins, Feminist Café, Institute of Feminist and Gender Studies, University of Ottawa. Guest speakers: Elsa Dorlin (Université Paris 8), Stephane Martelly (Concordia University), Moderator: Marie-Eveline Bellinga, Facilitator (University of Ottawa), February 13, 2017.

-White card for the organization of the round table « around bell hooks, am I not a woman? », proposed by Élise Desaulniers and funded by her residency at Zone Libre, Guest Speakers, Maguy Mettellus (Community Animator, Montreal) and Viviane Michel (President of Aboriginal Women of Quebec), Montreal, Librairie Zone Libre, Montreal, March 6, 2016.

-Organizer of the scientific conference Ethically yours, Montreal Public Health Department. Guest speakers Baptiste Godrie, Ph.D Sociologist (CRÉMIS), March 24, 2015; Jurgen De Wispelaere, Occupational Therapist and Philosopher (McGill University), February 24, 2015; Julie Cousineau, Lawyer and Doctor of Laws (University of Montreal), January 27, 2015, Liz Lacharpagne, Lawyer (COCQ-Sida), November 25, 2014.

– Workshop Organizer on Relational Ethics, CREUM. Guest speakers: Julie Cousineau, Doctor of Laws (CREUM), Nathalie Maillard, Doctor of letters (CRÉUM), May 18, 2012).

– Founder and coordinator of the doctoral students’ Seminar in Political Philosophy and Ethics, Department of Philosophy, University of Montreal, Winter and Summer 2009.